Men have suits custom-made because they have a fit problem that cannot be handled well with alterations, meaning that a pattern needs to be specially cut before the suit is made.

But there are other advantages to having a suit custom-made because you can choose a style that best complements your figure as well as your personal taste. Your personal measurements and tastes dictate your suit pattern that's hand cut and stitched from imported fabrics.Then, accentuate your suit with special pleats, cuffs or pockets.

Having custom-made suits, the result will inevitably be a look that projects the image of a successful man. Oscar Wilde said it best, "A well dressed man is no accident."

We stock an excellent selection of fine fabrics by top designers such as Zegna, Wain Shiel, Dormeuil, Hugo Boss, Armani, Marco Polo, Versace. Buying our fabrics in bulk passes the savings to you.

Our talents are exemplified by unparalleled suit-making and dedication to providing personalised service with attention to customer's needs.

To order Suits, please inform us your country/city by email, and we shall let you know when our representative - Mr.Samtani will be visiting your city so you can arrange an appointment with him and get personally measured up.

Or you can send us your best fitting suit and we can duplicate them and ship them back to you with your new order.